What’s Moving the Financial Markets Right Now

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This FREE (live) webinar is aimed at those traders who want to know the principal driving factors moving the financial markets today.

We at 3Sigma Markets aim to partner with our client base, providing them with market insight and analyses, helping to improve their performance along their investment journey.

Trading just got smarter with 3Sigma Markets

Through this webinar we aim to cover

  • The economic data shaping the markets today and how it will shape them in the coming months
  • Our insight into the overall sentiment and consensus positioning in the markets that are hot right now
  • Technical Analysis masterclass – looking at charts to identify key trading levels for some of the week’s most topical markets – further insight into the markets that are moving right now
Free to all webinar attendees – 
  • Free access to TraderCast.com – access to Tradercast Community, 24 on-demand courses & daily live market analysis from Philip
  • A recording of the webinar to play back at your own leisure and a copy of the educational material/slides used 
  • 1hour Free 1 on 1 training and up-dated market overview in the weeks following the webinar from one of our senior professional traders 

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CEO  www.TraderCast.com

Email: pkonchar@tradercast.com

Industry expert offering financial market commentary, technical & fundamental analysis and trading education solutions for major brokerages in London and Dublin.

Like many traders, Phillip began trading and investing with a long only approach on unleveraged equities since 1996. In 2002 he started equity margin trading using level 2, DMA trading platforms and in 2004 he bolstered his portfolio by adding versatile CFDs and Spread Betting. Phillip trades a wide range of asset classes and instruments but specializes in equity index futures (ES_F, S&P 500) and energy commodities futures trading (CL_F, WTI Crude Oil). Phillip’s trading style is structured, objective and business-like with an aggressive risk management structure. A sharp minded individual, Phillip is well versed in the latest thinking regarding the psychology, financial management, fundamental and technical analysis aspects of financial trading.

After sharing his experiences at various industry events and hundreds of workshops over the years, Phillip realised traders need a truly useful online community solution and a dedicated place to meet up. www.TraderCast.com  was subsequently launched in October 2014.

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