Security and Protection

Keeping your funds safe with 3Sigma Markets and our partners.

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Keeping your funds safe with 3Sigma Markets

Security and protection of you funds are of paramount importance for us at 3SigmaMarkets.

We believe that providing a safe and secure trading environment is crucial to your success in the markets. 3Sigma Markets is powered by ATC Brokers. As a client of 3Sigma Markets, which is powered by ATC Brokers, you are trading in an officially regulated environment. ATC Brokers is licensed as a regulated broker in the UK through the FCA and in the Cayman Islands through the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. As such they are subject to stringent compliance requirements regarding how your funds are handled, security, and financial reporting.

Regulatory Environment

3Sigma Markets is powered by ATC Brokers. ATC Brokers Limited (UK) is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 591361). ATC Brokers Limited (KY) is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (RN 1448274). The FCA and CIMA aim to protect consumers by placing rules and regulations to set high standards and protocols for firms to conduct their business within the financial industry.

Safety and Protection of Funds

The Financial Conduct Authority and Cayman Islands Monetary Authority mandates firms to conduct their business under strict regulations. ATC Brokers is obligated to segregate the money that retail clients deposit in order to prevent the use of client funds by the firm for its own account. Additional measures are taken to guarantee clients’ money is held in a separate account away from any accounts belonging to the firm. In the unlikely event of a default, the segregation of client’s funds will return the money to the clients rather than be treated as a recoverable asset by general creditors.

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Funding your 3Sigma Markets Account

3Sigma Markets offers a variety of safe and secure deposit options for our client base.

Some of these funding options may require verification documentation, this is to ensure that we maintain our safe trading environment, while providing our traders with the peace of mind that their personal information and funds are secure at all times.


3Sigma Markets offers multiple deposit methods, each one has their own specific processing time. To ensure that your funds are made available to you as quickly as possible, we request you to please complete the verification process of your account and ensure that all of your uploaded documents have been approved.

3 ways to fund your account

Our Banking Institution

We utilise one of the top tier banks in the world for our firms account custodian services. As a solid financial partner, Barclays Bank Plc provides an assurance of integrity in the banking spectrum.

*Custodian bank used for FCA registered trading accounts

**Custodian bank used for CIMA registered trading account

Making a Deposit

To deposit funds in your account, please visit MyAccount.

Withdrawing funds from your Account

Being able to easily access your profits and to withdraw your funds through a simple process is an essential element of trading the financial markets on-line.

Here at 3Sigma Markets we understand this – please find below the information about the withdrawal process.

What is the withdrawal process at 3Sigma Markets?

In order to withdraw your money from your 3Sigma Markets account, you will need to ensure that your account has been verified and confirmed. This process should have been completed on the initial opening of your account. Once your account is verified and confirmed and once logged in to your account you can access and complete the withdrawal form in order to get the withdrawal process started.

How long does it take to withdraw funds from my account?

We understand that being able to access your funds quickly and seamlessly is very important. We therefore offer a quick withdrawal process that takes only one or two working days to complete. Please note that 3Sigma Markets operates from Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and other public holidays or festive days included in the official calendar.

What account will I receive my funds into?

In accordance with strict requirements under international anti-money laundering regulations, withdrawals can only be sent via the payment methods by which you have initially funded your trading account. So if you have made a debit card deposit to initially fund your account then we must send the profits you wish to withdraw back to that specific debit card account.

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