Tactical Trade for Dec- Indices – S+P 500 – Based off TESLA inclusion in the S+P 500

Portfolio up-date

As promised we will be providing our trading community with insights into the live trading portfolio @ 3Sigma Markets – a trading account managed by our 3Sigma Markets traders. We will keep you up to date with our trading views over the course of the week and months ahead IN 2021, letting you know what we feel is hot right now and what we are looking to add to our portfolio of trades across all asset classes. Please see a portfolio up-date below covering a recently added trade for Dec 2020 based off the inclusion of Tesla in the S+P 500. We are of course trading this through a CFD – so we are trading the US500 – which mirrors the movement of the S+P 500.

We have to stress that this is not investment advice and only our opinions, based on our portfolio.

Tesla Trade Idea December 2020

We sent out our Tesla trade idea on 15th Dec – looking to take advantage of the flow dynamics of a large company being added to the S+P 500 index – in this case Tesla. See a brief summary of the trade below and link to our website for the full details of the trade.

We have sold the S+P 500 (US500 – CFD) @ 3,685

Stop loss on our short position @ 3,720(stop loss was slightly adjusted to 3,7230)

Buy back our short position into Dec 21st

Go long on 21st Dec @ ………

Read more>> http://bit.ly/2WkFqOg

We took back our initial short position @ 3,633 – giving us a profit of 52 points or 1.41% on Dec 21st. We stuck to our game plan and flipped long the S+P 500 (US500 – CFD) @ 3,633.

We have taken profit on this long position yesterday, Dec 29th and have sold out @ 3,751 – giving us a profit of 118 points or 3.24%.

The 3Sigma Markets portfolio has made a total profit of 4.65% on the trade – including both the short position initiated on 15th Dec and the long position taken on 21st Dec – Always nice to end the yr on a decent winner

The 3Sigma Markets trading portfolio remains short Dollars into the New Year – we hold this short Dollar position versus the Euro, AUD, CAD and NOK.

We see 2021 being a very exciting year for trading, with plenty of opportunities across all asset classes – we will keep our trading community informed with all our trade ideas as we add them to the 3Sigma Markets trading portfolio. Good luck for next year.